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Rev. Ian Wills

Rev. Ian Wills is the senior pastor and founder of Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship. He is ordained with the Independent Assemblies of God International Canada (IAOGI (Canada). Pastor Wills worked for Dofasco for 23 years before starting Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship in June of 1993, with his wife Kathy and two daughters. Pastor Wills received his training through Rhema Bible School.

Rev Kathy Wills

Rev. Kathy Wills is the associate pastor of Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship and a graduate of Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Mrs. Wills, who is a member of the  IAOGI (Canada)  is a retired elementary public has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Guelph University and an education degree from Brock University. She is married to Pastor Ian Wills and has two grown daughters.

Rev Jeff Gibb

Rev. Jeff Gibb has served alongside Rev. Ian Wills since 2001. He has been an ordained minister since 2006. He plays guitar with the worship team and preaches from time to time. He holds a diploma in Religious Studies from Open Word Bible College. He attained his Environmental Technician diploma from Mohawk College.

Rev Joe Wiseman

Rev. Joe Wiseman is an associate Minister at Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship. He is a member of the IAOGI (Canada) and has a Business Accounting Diploma from Mohawk College.

Elizabeth Wills

Elizabeth Wills is the Worship leader at Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship. She plays piano and sings on the Worship Team. She has a license to preach through the IAOGI (Canada) and a diploma from Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Elizabeth is a public school teacher who is a graduate of Brock University’s BA program in English and has an education degree from Windsor University.

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